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Beach Volleyball

We will have Spring and Summer 2018 Beach Volleyball opportunities. More info to come.

Small Group/Private Beach volleyball Instruction is available year round. Contact Ryan for more info -

Beach Tournaments

One of the best ways for athletes to improve is through competition. There are multiple groups that host youth tournaments in the Bay Area including NCVA, CBVA, & Breakwater. In order to compete in an NCVA or CBVA tournament, girls must complete registration and sign up through those organizations' websites. In order to sign up for a Breakwater tournament, please email us. Tournaments generally start around 8:00am and end around 4:00pm. See listings below for tournament dates.

Breakwater Beach Tournaments

BVC Will host multiple tournaments in Montara. for each age group. These tournaments are for BVC athletes and friends to compete against each other. Tournament format will be 5 team max, 1 court. Round Robin, best record wins. Prizes for champions.

NCVA Beach Tournaments

NCVA Hosts beach tournaments at multiple locations; Main Beach (Santa Cruz), West Valley College, & Lake Tahoe. Our girls get the opportunity to compete against athletes from all over the Bay Area.                                                                                                                            

CBVA Juniors Tournament

CBVA mainly operates in Southern California, but has a few tournaments in Santa Cruz and Monterey.